Here’s what it looks like when you’re interested in your big passion-based goal:
You talk about it.
You think about it.
You read about it.
You consider it.
You dabble with it.
You kick the tires with it.
You wait for perfection.
You doubt.
You complain.
You talk yourself out of it.
You back out of it.


Here’s what it looks like when you’re committed to your big passion-based goal:
You do what’s uncomfortable.
You learn what you need to learn.
You get the help you need.
You let go of the need for guaranteed outcomes.
You get your head in the game.
You take risks.
You face the fear.
You talk back to that doubting voice in your head.
You make decisions.
You become who you need to be, to do what you want to do.
You adjust course instead of throwing in the towel.
You pull up your big girl pants.
You get on with it.
You outlast those who are merely interested.
You do it.
You persist.
You see it through.

Yup, there’s a big difference between being interested and being committed.

As Steven Pressfield (author of the War of Art – one of my favorite books!) would say, amateurs are interested, pros commit.

Everything changes when you commit. Nothing changes until you do.

If you’re not yet committed to your goal, don’t beat yourself up for it – just own where you are and start from where you are. But do ask yourself these questions:

1. What will happen if I don’t commit? Am I ok with that?
2. What can happen if I DO commit?
3. What needs to happen for me to go from interested to committed?

My clients are rock stars who are committed to their goals and the journey to get there. Deep down, I know that’s you too. Dig deep and find that nugget of commitment.

If that’s you now, then book your free Catalyst Call here and let’s see how I can help you start making this thing happen.

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