The Passion Catalyst:

The Transformative Program to Help You Forge Your Own Path

Discover the Psychology- and Behavioral Science-Based Keys to Gaining the Clarity and Confidence to Pursue What You Love


The Passion Catalyst is a premium 16-week mindset-focused program designed for high achieving women with a passion they yearn to bring to life – a new direction, creative endeavor, a business, a project – but who find themselves stuck behind fear, resistance, and self-doubt. 


You’re a high achieving woman who has it together. Everything looks good on paper. You’ve followed the rules and made practical decisions.

But you wake up feeling unfulfilled, with a nagging sense that you’re not doing what you’re meant to do. Sometimes you wonder how you strayed so far from who you are. 

Your heart has a dream you can’t let go of.

So why aren’t you going for it? 

It’s fear.

It’s self-doubt.

It’s a lack of confidence.

It’s lack of clarity.

It’s a voice in your head that says you’re not worthy, you can’t do it, it’s not meant to be.

It’s a voice in your head that says “later” or “someday” will be a better time.

It’s capital-R Resistance.

It’s the fact that you don’t know how to close the gap between who you are now and who you want to be.

It’s all of the above, and more.

And it seems kind of silly to you because you’ve accomplished so much already! So it feels ironic (maybe a little embarrassing or confusing?) that you can be successful in what you set out to do, yet you’re petrified of doing the thing you really long to do.

If that resonates with you, then The Passion Catalyst is for you.


Dear Passion Seeker,

I know you’ve got this longing in your heart to do something fulfilling. Find a new career direction. Start your own business. Get your art into the world. Write that book. Make a change. Start that non-profit. Start a podcast. Create a website. Start that program within your community.

Whatever it is, you’ve got a dream you’ve held in your heart for so long, and you want nothing more than to finally bring it to life so you can spend your time on this earth doing something you love, enjoying life, engaging in a deeply meaningful way.

But instead you find yourself saying you’ll do it “someday” or when you’re “ready”. You google “what should I do with my life” at 2am. You’re exhausted (whether you know it or not) from living a life that doesn’t feel true to who you are. You go to bed each night knowing you’ve done nothing that day to nurture your dream (but at least you aced those TPS reports!?). Maybe you make a little progress, then lose steam. You’re paralyzed with fear and doubt. Then you beat yourself up for not pushing forward.

You know you’re living on autopilot and that if you continue this way, you will eventually look back and realize you gave up on yourself and your dream before you even really tried.

And that is not what you want, right?

What You Want:

  • To live life on YOUR terms, by your own definition of success, follow your own voice, and chart your own course
  • To have the guts and confidence to go for it, whatever “it” is
  • To feel more sure of yourself
  • To wake up excited to go do your thing and to feel fulfilled in life
  • To feel in control of your destiny
  • To follow through on your dream and prove that you can do it, not just kick the tires
  • To fulfill your creative potential
  • To set an example for your children about pursuing your dreams
  • To quit your job and move onto greener pastures
  • To pursue or open up opportunities for yourself that a traditional career won’t offer
  • To do something for the meaning and impact and love of it, not just the paycheck
  • To use your strengths and unique gifts
  • To be that version of yourself you imagine you could be (confident, self-possessed, happy, fulfilled, unstoppable)
  • To live with the satisfaction that you’re doing what you were uniquely born to do best

But the Problem Is:

You’re letting months and years go by and you’re not any closer to starting or making progress with your desired change. 

Maybe you:

  • Have taken action in a flurry of enthusiasm, but then you quit when it gets hard or you get busy
  • Are second-guessing what you really want, so you’re waiting until you find something you’re REALLY sure about.
  • Are scared of what people would say if you pursued something other than the “conventional” path
  • Are afraid to commit because…what if? What if? What if?
  • Go straight to all the reasons why something wouldn’t work for you
  • Have been to therapy but are still unable to change negative thought and belief patterns
  • Talk to your friends and family about what you’d love to do, but they don’t have the time, understanding, patience, or expertise to help you (or they don’t really “get it”)
  • Are waiting until you have it all figured out before you begin
  • Are so used to being an achiever that you hesitate to be a beginner again
  • Are confused about how you can be successful in your day job but feel like an imposter at the thought of your new direction
  • Wonder what other women who follow their hearts have that you don’t have
  • Are confused by the advice out there (productivity hacks! think positive! wake up at 4am!)
  • Think that if you can’t get it right from the beginning, it’s not worth doing at all
  • Know what to do to more forward but you’re just. not. doing. it. (Humans are funny creatures.)
  • Have googled the hell out of “how to find and follow your passion” but nothing speaks to what’s holding YOU back

Sound familiar?

If you KNOW in your heart that following your heart will be key to your happiness and that you CAN do it if you can only get out of your own way, then this mindset program is for you.

Let’s close that gap between your reality and your vision. 


“Thank you so, so much for all that you’ve helped me achieve these last few months, your encouragement, wisdom, knowledge, and kindness pushed me forward when I was truly stuck and didn’t think I could progress.” – Erum

I’m Sumayya Essack, Life and Mindset Coach, and I’m here to show you that you can achieve more than you think you can.

As an MBA and MSW with over 10 years in coaching, training, and managing, and 20 years studying personal development, I help high-achieving women find the clarity and confidence to pursue a passionate new direction, even when they have been stuck and in their own way for years.


And I’ve been where you are. I’ve lived through the transformation from playing small and safe to charting my own course, and I can tell you without a doubt it all starts in your mind.

From a young age I was already full of self-doubt, shy, insecure, awkward, lacking confidence, teased, and unsure of myself. This affected me into my adulthood (surprise!) and for years I was torn between the fearful side of me that wanted to hold back and play it safe, and the part of me that yearned to break free from that mindset, say “the hell with it” and take a damn risk.

This inner tension led to:

Anti-anxiety medication. Diagnosed “adjustment disorder”. Fatigue. Frustration. Insomnia. Recurring nightmares about the job I hated. Relationship strife. Irritability.

Well, fifty more years of THIS would be no good! And I would not settle for it.

It was clear that if I didn’t push past all that inner muck, I would never have the life I really wanted.

I knew that my tendencies to talk myself out of ideas, procrastinate, doubt myself, and focus on why something was too hard, was exactly what was holding me back.

What to do? I read over 120 books to better understand human behavior and my own psychology. I spent $20,000 on a coach when I knew I needed help. I developed new habits to support on the outside all the work I was doing on the inside. I applied the cognitive-behavioral techniques I learned as an MSW trainee to myself.

I retrained my brain and heart. I aligned my clarity, thoughts, emotions, and actions to finally see the results I desired. 

Results: catapulting from corporate cog to startup leadership position. 50% salary increase. Starting a multi-five figure per month business while working full time. Holding public office in my city. Waking up excited for the day ahead. Better sleep. More energy. Feeling happier. Dropping the anti-anxiety medication.

Best of all, today I have the satisfaction that comes with forging my own path and knowing that I went for it.

You can have all the strategy or step-by-step instructions in the world, and it won’t matter if your mindset is holding you back.

Everything starts with your ability to manage yourself; your thoughts, your emotions, your actions.

Get those aligned and the big shifts start showing up.

It’s happened for me and I’ve helped my clients make it happen for them.

And I want to help you make it happen for you, too.

Why? Because I believe 100% that the catalyst for getting what you want is changing your thoughts and aligning them with your emotions and actions. I believe that women are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. I believe that women who go for it will change the world. 

I can help you turn your self-doubt and “stuckness” into the confidence and power to pursue your passionate new direction.

You don’t have to rely on therapy..

You don’t have to do affirmations.

You don’t have to ditch your dream.

Most people let their lives be ruled by fear.

Most people wait for “someday” to pursue what they want (and someday never comes).

Where does this get us? We know that one of people’s top regrets on their deathbed is that they didn’t have the courage to live a life that was true to them instead of the one others expected of them.

Are you ok giving up on creating the life you want? Are you ok looking back in 5, 10, 30 years and saying, “I didn’t give it everything I had. I followed the fear instead.”?

If not, then your first step is to make the decision to change your mindset.

Getting started is the most important decision to make.

Almost everyone faces the question at some point in life: Am I going to go for it, or not? What’s the difference between those who do and those who don’t?

It’s mindset!

Even when they realize their mindset is holding them back and that they are not pursuing what they want to do most in life, the people who are the MOST in need of a mindset reboot say:

  • Everything will just work out.
  • I’m satisfied with what I have. Forty more years of the daily grind is completely cool with me.
  • Hiding my dissatisfaction behind sugar/TV/social media binges is better than facing my self-growth.
  • This program will work for others, but not for me.
  • This is too expensive. I’ll just read a book then put it back on the shelf.
  • My unhappiness is not affecting my relationship or my kids. Nope. Nothing to see here. 
  • I’m too busy. I’ll get it together when [insert your favorite excuse here – we move/I have more money/things settle down/the kids are in school]
  • My partner won’t support it. He/she thinks developing my confidence and fulfilling my dreams is frivolous.
  • Pursuing what I love is self-indulgent.

But that’s not you! Please don’t set yourself up to be looking back with regret!

“I really want to express how thankful I am that you came into my life when you did. You have been one of the biggest influences in my life this year and I really thank God for you.” ~Bopha

I don’t want you to waste any more time spinning your wheels or trying to figure this out by yourself. And I DEFINITELY don’t want you to give up (before you’ve even really started!).

This is why I developed this program,

The Passion Catalyst

During these 4 months you’ll learn and apply my research-based signature system to align your clarity, mindset, emotions, and actions to create the RESULTS you desire. You’ll move forward in spite of fear, develop unshakeable confidence and trust in yourself, manage obstacles and setbacks, increase your emotional strength and resilience, and develop self-mastery.

You’ll watch your passion come to life as you transform into the self-assured go-getter you know you are deep down.

This is not a piecemeal approach where I give you one tiny aspect and you find the rest elsewhere. This is a holistic program where I give you EVERYTHING you need to clarify your goals and direction and align your mindset, emotional strength, and actions to create tangible RESULTS. This will serve you now and for years to come – it is powerful, comprehensive, lifelong stuff.



Here is what you can expect from The Passion Catalyst:


First, know that this is a research-based program harnessing the latest findings and thought leadership in psychology, cognitive and behavioral science, and other fields. The content is grounded in hundreds of hours of leading resources. It’s curated into the most powerful and proven concepts and actions that will give you the most results for your efforts. It’s a hands-on, experiential, and comprehensive.

Within the 4 months your most impactful takeaways will be:

  • Conviction in your skills and abilities to create the life you want
  • Clarity in your skills and strengths and how you can harness them for success
  • Adopting the thought and behavior patterns of high achievers
  • Tangible progress in pursuing your passion or new direction – you’ll actually take action in the real world
  • More optimism and excitement about the future
  • A deep trust in yourself, your vision, and your capabilities
  • Increased reliance on yourself instead of others for your validation
  • No longer being held back by fear, uncertainty, comparison, and FOMO
  • A quieter, more peaceful, less overthinking mind
  • Tools and guidelines for making complex life decisions about your path
  • Increased confidence (and an understanding of how to develop it)
  • Increased resilience, follow through, and self-assuredness in the face of obstacles
  • Stepping into a new identity and moving past imposter syndrome
  • Eliminate the perfectionism and procrastination (the twin dream killers)
  • Living with the satisfaction that comes from taking charge of your life and aligning your actions with your goals 
  • No longer wasting time watching your dream wither away – because you’re DOING it and you’re acting TODAY instead of someday!


How it Works:


Over the 4 months you’ll receive:

An Orientation Module With:

A welcome video showing you how to get the most out of the program; my pre-program assessment to understand your starting point and which areas may be key for you to focus on (you’ll also do a post-program assessment so you can see how far you have come); and an exercise to identify one new habit that you’ll commit to developing during the program that you believe will support your growth.

The Complete Online Curriculum:

16 weekly sets of videos delving into the lessons and strategies and showing you how to APPLY them to make them work for you and start seeing immediate shifts in your mindset and emotions (and thereby, immediate progress in taking your passion from idea to reality). These are based on the breakthrough research of leading psychologists and thought leaders in various fields. They are proven concepts and time-tested ideas. The modules also come with a list of additional resources and exercises to help you further apply the material. You’ll have access to the curriculum for the lifetime of the program.

1:1 Support Within LIVE Weekly Group Coaching

You don’t just need the modules and curriculum. To really transform your mindset you need accountability and personalized support from your coach who knows you, and a community of support.

That’s why I do weekly small group video calls. On these calls you’ll receive 1:1 coaching from me to address your particular questions, challenges, or breakthroughs in applying the material. This is the most powerful aspect of the program. You get my undivided attention to help you move past blocks, stay accountable, and make sure you’re moving forward and fully incorporating the lessons. PLUS you get to learn from others being coached live, who are likely going through a challenge that resonates with you. Folks have said that learning from and connecting with like-minded souls on a similar journey turned out to be one of their favorite parts of the program.

Monthly Private 1:1 Coaching Calls

In addition to the weekly live video calls, you and I will connect for 50 minutes once per month over the 4 months to further dive into where you need support. This is your opportunity to dig into your questions, concerns and blocks to accelerate your journey.

Unlimited Email Support

For times when you have a quick question or just want some extra support, email me directly as much as you want during the 4 months. 

Access to a Private Community

You’ll be invited to our private, client-only Facebook group, where you can connect with other program members, share tips and progress updates, ask questions, receive support/advice, network. You’ll get additional access to me by posting your questions here. 

Modules and Lessons:

As soon as you enroll, you’ll get a Welcome Module to help you fully prepare.


  • Strategies on how to get the most out of the program
  • A pre-program Assessment: access to my online tool to give you an in-depth map of your strengths and current mindset challenges. Everybody has their unique history and patterns, and understanding how you got to where you are will help you take charge. This will get you off to a powerful start and show you which modules may be the most important for you.
  • An exercise to set your intentions going into the program so that you’re clear on what you want to work on and what you’ll commit to.
  • An exercise to help you decide on ONE new habit you will work on building over the coming months.

Month 1: Clarifying Your Vision

In this month you will:

  • Understand what boundaries and limitations are restricting what you believe is possible for you or your future
  • Develop your clear vision for the passion you want to pursue
  • What to do if you’re multipassionate (you want to do everything!)
  • Learn what to do when you’re not sure what you want, or when what you want is changing
  • Increase your creativity and how it applies to the project you are bringing to life. Creativity doesn’t just apply to artists. Your whole life is an act of creation, and especially the labor of love you are trying to bring into the world.
  • Understand the myths about purpose and passion that are not serving you, and how you can cultivate them
  • Develop trust in yourself so you become self-assured
  • Understand how our educational and professional institutions may have impacted your view of yourself or your potential, and the new perspectives that will help you break past the message you’ve received about yourself in school or at work (these are powerful insights that will shake up a lot that we take for granted without question)

Month 2: Mastering the Mindset for Success

  • Shed light on the conscious and unconscious beliefs and thought patterns that influence how you go through life. We live so much of our lives on autopilot that we don’t even recognize our patterns. Recognizing them is the first step to changing them. This will be POWERFUL self-knowledge.
  • Reduce overthinking, rumination, and other unhelpful mental habits. As women we are especially prone to this! I’ll show you how you can stop them in their tracks and replace them and replace them with better habits and patterns that will propel you forward you instead.
  • Apply positive psychology principles to change how you manage setbacks. This will teach you how change what you believe about setbacks and misfortune so that you can handle them better.
  • Learn how to approach big life questions and decisions like Is now the right time? Is this right for me? Should I go in this direction or that one?
  • Dive into The Resistance and become the warrior who goes for it instead of letting Resistance stop her.
  • You’ll begin a mindfulness practice and can start reaping the rewards within a matter of days or weeks.


Month 3: Mastering Emotions – Confidence, Resilience, and Overcoming Fear


  • Learn the research-backed ways to increase your confidence – you do not have to be just born with it, and you are not doomed if you’re not feeling confident in your pursuit.
  • Become emotionally independent – ladies, this one CHANGED my life when I learned how to rely on myself for my happiness and how I feel, instead of being so affected by the people around me
  • Overcome Imposter Syndrome and begin stepping into a new identity as you grow into living your passion. I know this one can be tough, especially for our loved ones around us, but this will be a gentle approach – not an overnight switch flip – to help you embody a new identity as you experience all this inner growth and as you step into your passion. 
  • Understand how you are affected by fear, FOMO, jealousy, and comparison, how you can both use all of those to your advantage and move past them. FEAR is one of the main reasons people play small and don’t go for it. You don’t have to be fearless, I promise. 

Month 4: Taking Action in the Real World

In this month you will:

  • Learn how to stay the course towards follow through. If you’re tired of false starts, giving up, and getting stuck when you don’t know what to do next, this is for you.
  • Learn about Design Thinking and how you can apply it to
  • Identify your patterns in responding to setbacks and learn how to respond differently so that you are unstoppable
  • Change your relationship to the discomfort of pursuing something new. Humans like to be safe and comfortable, it’s natural. Bringing your labor of love into the world is requiring you to take risks and experience discomfort. You can handle it, and this will show you how.
  • Learn how to respond when you feel like nothing is working. There will be times when you feel like you’re doing everything you can but things are just not falling into place. Is that a sign to give up? Not necessarily! This gives you the tools to find ways to keep going.

I’ve got even more to support you! You’ll receive these bonuses:

Mindset Mastery Library:

You’ll get access to my curated list of favorite books that can support your mindset growth and passion pursuit in various ways. I’ve ready over 120 books on these topics – these are the winners. ($200 value)

Call Recording Library:

You’ll get access to dozens of hours of recorded group coaching calls for additional opportunities to learn from others’ experiences and breakthroughs. ($300 value)


Customized Growth Work:

Often as we speak 1:1 during the group calls I’ll have specific growth work for you based on where you’re at in your journey. These will be custom suggestions to address what you are uniquely facing.


Complimentary Upgrades:

You’ll receive complimentary upgrades to the curriculum and resources as the program evolves.


“I felt stuck in a loop that didn’t serve me or my passions. I bumped into the Curate the Future free webinar one afternoon. I found it to be super informative without trying blatantly sell you on something. That kind of authenticity is what made me want to work with Sumayya versus other coaches I’ve seen online. I LOVED the weekly group check ins! I’m the kind of gal who really needs to be held accountable and showing up week after week to report on my progress (or lack thereof, depending on the week) was just what I needed to keep going! I was also a fan of the modules. I had fun with the exercises. One of the main takeaways for me was realizing that I have a lot more power and choice in my circumstances than I often let myself believe.

But the biggest breakthrough is learning that your mindset is everything. You can be the woman who takes what she can get or you can decide you’re the woman who goes after what she wants. And I can proudly say that I’m one of women who gets what she wants! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support, tough love, and inspiring, motivating advice and insights!!! You’ve helped me more than you’ll ever know!” – Raina

What happens when I apply?

When you click to apply for your Breakthrough Call, I’ll help you gain clarity on the particular mindset patterns and behaviors that are holding you back and answer any questions you have about the program. If it’s a good mutual fit, I’ll invite you to join The Passion Catalyst. Once you register and complete your payment, you’ll receive your login instructions and access to the Dashboard and Welcome orientation!

The Passion Catalyst is designed for women who are 100% committed to their growth and serious about doing what it takes to become the woman who goes for it.

Because of that, The Passion Catalyst is by application only.

What would it mean to you to finally be the woman who is positive, resilient, self-possessed, confident, strong? To be the woman who goes for it and brings her project/business/craft/creative endeavor to life? 

  • Would you enjoy your life and be more fulfilled?
  • Would you be able to leave your unfulfilling career?
  • Would you take on other big changes or projects in life?
  • Would you be a happier partner or parent?
  • Would you set a positive example for your children?
  • Would you be healthier?


It takes courage and commitment to bring your vision to life. 

Pursuing your passion and inner transformation is within reach if:

  • Your biggest desire is to create the life you want and live your passion, and you know things like your confidence, clarity, resilience, follow through and self-doubt are holding you back
  • You’ve struggled getting started or following through with your passion on your own and are ready to get help and accountability from an expert who has spent years studying, living, and coaching these principles 
  • You understand the importance of mindset in propelling you forward, and you believe transforming it is a priority worth investing in
  • You are coachable, willing to try new things and hear new perspectives, and understand that if you want different results, you have to do something different
  • You feel the urgency to create the life you want and refuse to wait for “someday” or pretend it’s not important to your happiness
  • You are willing to trust yourself, me, and the process
  • You will consistently dedicate a few hours each week to watch the videos, attend the calls, and do the work
  • You are ready and willing to apply what you learn (not just passively consume)

You’re not ready for The Passion Catalyst if:

  • You want a quick, magic fix without putting in the work. Sweets, for this to work your heart has to be in it! You are in charge of your thoughts and actions – I can’t do the work for you.
  • You’re indecisive or non-committal – you’ve got to be 100% into this, not just kick the tires
  • You’re not willing to invest in yourself and prefer free resources
  • You are dealing with or being treated for clinical depression or anxiety or other mental health issues. It’s common to experience anxious or depressive tendencies when you’re not happy, of course, but serious clinical levels need to be addressed first before you’re in a position to do this work. Please note that this program is not therapy.
  • You’re not willing to take responsibility for your thoughts, your life, or your results. You’re stuck in blame mode, insisting that other people or circumstances are the problem.
  • This doesn’t feel urgent or important to you.
  • You believe you can DIY you way out of this and investing in help isn’t necessary
  • You want a “how to” [ insert your goal here – start the business, get a publisher, start a non-profit, get clients, etc.]. The how-to’s don’t matter if you don’t have the drive, confidence, resourcefulness, or positive mindset.
  • You want help getting a new job – this program is not about networking, job searching, interviewing, and resumes.
  • You’re not 100% excited about it!

I’ve been there!

I know what it’s like to be scared to try something new. I know what it’s like to KNOW that you’re meant for something else but be too doubtful to go for it. I know what it’s like to wake up with dread because the day ahead has zero of my passion in it. I know what it’s like to look back and realize I’ve already wasted years.

The Passion Catalyst is designed for women who are 100% committed to their growth and serious about doing what it takes to pursue their passion.

Because of that, The Passion Catalyst is by application only.

The A’s to Your Q’s


What if I sign up and then change my mind? Do you offer a refund?
Keep in mind that your success primarily depends on your effort, commitment, circumstances, and many other factors. We’ll discuss all this on your breakthrough call, and I promise I will not invite you to join if I feel this is not the right program for you. That would not serve either of us.

That said, I offer a 30-day refund. If you get started, show up 100% and really feel it’s not for you, that’s ok.

After 30 days there are no refunds, with the only exceptions being if a client experiences a sudden medical emergency or financial hardship (flood, fire, accident); or if I decide that the client is not the right fit for the program based on behavior, actions or other indicators that make it problematic or impossible to work with them. These are rare exceptions made on a case-by-case basis.

Can I pause the program and come back later?
With the exception of really extenuating circumstances, the program can’t be paused and is not intended to be “turned on and off”. Your access to the live calls and email support begin as soon as you register and pay, and ends after 16 weeks. You do continue to have access to the modules for their lifetime, including complimentary future content upgrades.

What is the guarantee?
Aside from the 30-day refund period mentioned above, I do not offer a guarantee because your success depends on your effort and actions, which I can’t control.

I can’t do the work FOR you. I can’t make you show up to a call or watch a video. Only you can control your thoughts, actions and effort.

The only guarantee I can provide is that you will receive or have access to everything that is promised in the program.

What happens if I can't make the calls?
Your access to attend the live calls is valid for the 16 weeks only. The calls are recorded so you can watch them later. They are a powerful part of the experience I strongly recommend you do everything you can to attend each week.

I'm not sure what I want to do. Will this help me find my passion?
I actually don’t believe you “find” your passion like a needle in a haystack; I believe you create it through experience.

If you’re starting with zero ideas and have no clue at all about what you want to do, you will still benefit from the course and focus on clarity, discovery, and goals. Those with a clearer idea of their goals will make more tangible progress more quickly. Neither is better or worse, it just depends on where you are in your journey. During your breakthrough call we’ll explore your level of clarity to ensure it’s the right fit.

I want to change careers. Will you help me get a new job?
The the course can help you discover your new direction, manage and move past the blocks preventing you from making a career change, and create a plan to move forward, but this is not a job search program.

My partner won't support my investing in this. What should I do?
I suggest having a heart to heart talk with your partner before your Breakthrough Call so that they 1) understand your unhappiness (sometimes partners aren’t aware) 2) understand why you want to do this and what you’ll get out of this. If you can’t come to the call with their support, I recommend you have them join the call.

Keep in mind, if you are “meh” or wishy-washy about the program, it’s unlikely they’ll support you. If you’re confident and excited about it, they’ll be more likely to support you.

And let’s flip the tables – if your partner wanted to invest in his or her growth and life goals, would you support them? So why should it be any different for you?

I can't afford this. Do you have any other options?

Coaching requires an investment. I offer a few ways to get started. You can place a deposit and pay the rest within 30 days, or you can do a payment plan over the 4 months.

Paypal offers 0% interest for 6 months, and in the past folks have taken out credit cards at 0% for 12 months.

The bottom line is, you’ve got to have skin in the game. On your Breakthrough Call we’ll talk through options you might have to make it happen, but ask yourself: where will you be if you don’t invest in yourself and your goals?

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