My Story

My journey into the world of mindset started when I read Think and Grow Rich at age fourteen.

I know, I know, not the typical reading interest of a 14 year old!

That opened my eyes to the power of mindset in getting what you want in life. But applying it wasn’t easy, coming out of an “ugly duckling” childhood where I was overcome with shyness, insecurity, self doubt, and more. Those patterns are hard to shake.

I had big dreams but was held back by that fear and self-doubt that followed me into adulthood. I know the temptation to play it safe and convince yourself that you’re happy with how things are, while wishing you had the guts to go for your dream. You know what I’m talking about, and it’s lame, right?!

Fear, indecision, hesitation, and second guessing myself cost me years of happiness and time that could have been spent making progress towards my goals instead of sitting on the sidelines, watching other women go for it.

When I looked into my future I could see that I was on track to never create the life I wanted in my heart and fulfill my #1 desire to have a non-traditional career and ultimately start a business. Sometimes I’d try and then give up when the road got hard. Other times I’d talk myself out of things before I even started. Sound familiar?


What all of this had in common was my MIND. My mind was working against me instead of for me. It didn’t matter if I had the tools, the smarts, and the next steps if I was getting in my own way!

It was clear that if I didn’t THINK differently, I wouldn’t DO differently.

My early foray into the world of mindset led to learning everything I could about the mind, human behavior, cognition, bringing creative ideas to life, mindfulness, achievement, and self-management. I invested thousands in a coach. I was determined to be who I needed to be in order to do what I wanted to do.

Not only did I start the business, I took it to multi-five figure monthly income within months and did so in the midst of other tough life circumstances.

That moment in your life when you’ve turned a corner and you can feel something has really shifted inside – it’s magical. It’s like everything can be divided into before that moment and after it. And that moment is the one where you commit. 

Today I see so many talented, smart, high potential women who are held back by the same mindset patterns. I’m on a mission to help them makeover their mindsets so they can bring their own ideas to life, whether that’s a business, project, creative endeavor, community initiative, or any other dream. Transforming their own mindsets from one of fear and limitations to one of self-possession and confidence is the foundation. I KNOW you can do more than you think you can – and I want to help you know that in your bones too. 

And then get out there and do it!

My Approach

My approach is down to earth and real world. I draw on the cutting-edge research of psychologists, behavioral economists and scientists, and mindfulness experts, as well as the thought leadership of philosophers, creativity experts, entrepreneurs, artists, and business and non-profit leaders. I take the best of the best out there and teach you how to apply it to yourself.

And I’ll challenge you, but with love and compassion. I’m irreverent (sometimes, the problem is taking ourselves too seriously) and appreciate a well placed f-bomb, but I’m also consistently called calm and gentle by those around me. Think of it as gently delivered tough love!

My Beliefs


The pursuit matters just as much as the outcome

I believe the act of going for what you want is worth it and life changing regardless of the outcome. The growth is in the journey.


You are creative

We are constantly creating our lives whether we realize it or not. Whatever it is you long to do, it involves a creative process.


Change your thoughts, change your life

Everything you do, for better or worse, consciously or unconsciously, starts in your mind. We control how we react to what’s happening around us. We control our thoughts and our actions. This means you have so much power within you by learning to use your mind as an ally.


Playing small helps no one

The world needs more people who go for it. Holding your contributions back not only sells yourself short, it deprives the rest of us of your unique contributions.

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