There’s a BIG mistake I often see people make when they’re trying to change careers. This applies whether you’re looking to start a business or be employed.

It’s getting ahead of yourself with strategy and tactics, and overlooking the importance of getting your head in the game.

Most people get caught up in job descriptions and resumes right away. Folks aiming to be self-employed get caught up in websites and strategies and funnels, oh my!

The true key to pursuing a new career direction is resilience. Whether you’re pursuing employment or starting a side gig/business, you’ve got to keep going when it’s tough, when you’ve been rejected, when it’s taking longer than you want.

Without resilience, you’ll give up and stay in your unsatisfying career. 

Actually, it’s more than that. 

It’s confidence. 
It’s belief in your ability to figure things out. 
It’s learning and growing in whatever ways you need to.
It’s managing fears.
It’s overcoming imposter syndrome.
It’s overcoming the beliefs about yourself and the world that are keeping you stuck.
It’s being decisive instead of overthinking.
It’s understanding that YOU are the biggest determinant of success and therefore worth investing in.
It’s managing yourself.
And so much more.

If you know exactly what you want already, and if you’re full of courageous confidence and not struggling with fear, self-belief, and all that other stuff, then you might be ready dive into resumes or marketing funnels and all that good stuff.

But if you don’t have the fundamentals in place – clarity of vision and a strong mindset – the tactics are like band-aids.

You can’t get what you want on the outside without changing on the inside.

You’ve got to take action on both the outside and the inside.

And I 100% believe you can do that.

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